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Colorado Avalanche Mailbag - Oct. 22

by Aaron Lopez / Colorado Avalanche
Welcome to another edition of the Colorado Avalanche Mailbag, a bi-weekly feature that lets fans connect with their favorite players and ask them a question.

We received a couple hundred questions this week, so check below to see if yours made the cut. As always, your questions are in bold. If we feel the need to provide some additional commentary or clarification, that will come in italics before the player provides his answer.

Now, let’s get to the Q&A:

Wolski has recorded eight points (4g/4a) through the first nine games of the 2009-10 season
1. My question is for Wojtek Wolski. You’ve started the season playing very well.  It looks like you’re skating strong and hitting the net accurately.  What is your offseason regimen like?
Betty from Colorado Springs, Colorado

Great way to start off the mailbag this week, as Wooly’s answer could have been a mailbag all on its own. He sure takes training and nutrition seriously. We cut down his answer a bit (leaving out some technical talk on protein intake, insulin levels and simple versus complex carbs). Even without that info, you can see how hard he truly works in the offseason.

Wojtek: “At the beginning, from May until about July I do a full workout four times a week. Monday and Thursday are upper body, Tuesday and Thursday I work on legs. On Wednesdays I’ll do something different, like yoga, to incorporate a different thing in my training. I do circuits as well after workouts.

Once late July hits, I start working out Monday, Wednesday and Friday so I can skate more. On those days I do full body workouts, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I do track workouts.

This summer I switched my nutrition intake as well. I try to stay away from bread as much as possible. If I do eat bread or pasta, it’s always whole wheat. I try to stay away from white rice or pasta. I eat a lot of protein. I also try to make sure I get a lot of fruit, salad, tomatoes and cucumbers and try to eat red meat only once or twice a week.”

2. David Jones: Hi, we all have had so much fun watching you hustle and work hard this season, but why do you wear a green mouthguard? Is it just a random color you chose instead of the normal/boring clear colored ones?
Thanks and good luck this year!
Raulito from Tejas

David: “I got it at Dartmouth and wore it there for three years. It brought me luck there, so I’ve kept wearing it ever since. A lot of people get on me for it, but I’m going to keep wearing it until I lose it.”

3. My question is for Cody McLeod. It’s no secret how vocal you are on the bench and on the ice. What do you say or do to get our guys pumped or get under another player’s skin?
Travis from Cheyenne, Wyoming

Cody: “I just kind of chirp them a little bit, hoot and holler to get the boys going. For the most part, I try to throw a big hit out there to get the guys going. And vocally, if a guy does something good out there make sure he knows it.”

Hendricks played back in his home state for the first time in his NHL career on Wednesday
4. This question is for Matt Hendricks: Congratulations on your 1st NHL Goal against the Blackhawks. Matt, on Oct. 21st you will be playing the Wild at the Xcel Energy Center. Can you share your thoughts as you head home for your first NHL game in Minnesota, which will be played at the venue of the Minnesota High School Championship? We look forward to seeing you come home and playing in front of the State of Hockey. Good luck and continue to be the example that you have always been.
Scott (from Minnesota, we assume?)

Funny story…when I asked Matt this question, T.J. Galiardi quickly chimed in and screamed out “THE BLAINE BENGALS!” Sure enough, Matt played his high school hockey for the Blaine Bengals, where he helped lead the school to a state championship in 2000. Galiardi then proceeded to drop some more knowledge, listing the final score (6-1) and Matt’s point total in the championship game (he had one assist). That contest, however, was played at the Target Center, as construction was in the final stages at Xcel.

Unfortunately, T.J. left the room before I had the chance to ask him how he knew so much about high school hockey in Minnesota (considering he was 11 or 12 years old at the time and living in Calgary).

As you all know, the Colorado/Minnesota game actually took place Wednesday night, but I posed the question to Matt on Tuesday before the team jumped on a plane to the Twin Cities.

“It’s going to be very exciting for both myself and my family. Obviously, I grew up in Minnesota, which is a hockey hotbed. For me to get the opportunity to go there and play as a professional is definitely a dream come true.”

5. This question is for David Jones. What do you attribute your explosive start to the 2009-10 season to, considering you hadn't played (a regular season game) since January?
 Tom from Aurora, Colorado

“I think I was just really ready to come out. I really didn’t know how it would go, but I was really focused. Because I hadn’t played in so long, I was ready to come out with guns blazing and do anything I could to help the team. I was so excited to be out there. I think that’s the number one reason I had so much success early.”

O'Reilly scored his first NHL goal on Oct. 15 at Montreal
6. Question for Ryan O'Reilly: How did it feel to net your first NHL goal (a game winner no less!), and what did you do with the puck?
Brett from Los Angeles, California

“It was unbelievable. I didn’t even really know what happened. The puck came to me in the slot and I took a shot. I went to the net and had an open net, and then I just blacked out from there. All I remember is my celebration. I didn’t even know what to do because I was so excited.

The puck? I don’t even have that yet. When I do get it, I’ll probably give it to my granny. She’s probably been my biggest supporter and the biggest fan I have. She’s one of the reasons my brother and I got into hockey, so I think it would mean the world to her.”

7. My question is for Paul Stastny. I am a huge fan of yours and can't wait to see you play here in Calgary! My question is when you are traveling on the road where is your favorite place to play?
Bryanna from Calgary, Alberta

“My favorite place to play is probably some of the places in the Eastern Conference, because it’s a new experience if you haven’t been there in a few years. Places like Toronto or Montreal are fun because of all the history, and it’s always fun to play in New York at Madison Square Garden.”

8. My question is for Craig Anderson: Thank you so much for joining the Avs’ family, and welcome aboard! Your in-goal style & playing technique seems to be very aggressive, as opposed to conservative. Is it a mindset you go out with before the puck is dropped, or does your style change in accordance with who your opposition is?
Ryan from Sydney, Australia

I asked Craig if he had any idea he had fans in Australia. His response: “No, but I sure do now.” His answer is below:

“My style is usually the same: Do whatever it takes to stop the puck. Sometimes it’s not very pretty, but desperate times call for desperation saves. I try to be in control and in position as best I can, but sometimes a play happens where it might look like you’re out of control because you have to read and react to a play. In a perfect world, I’d be a butterfly goaltender, but sometimes you have to just adjust your game.”
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