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Avalanche Ice Girls FAQ

by - Official Site of the Colorado Avalanche / Colorado Avalanche
Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the Colorado Avalanche's new ice girls program, which begins this season.

Are the Avs Ice Girls going to be cheerleaders or dancers?
No, they will not be the typical sports cheerleaders or dancers. Their primary duty will be to remove the snow from the ice surface during each media timeout as per NHL policies. They will do some performances during intermissions, but this will not happen at every game.  Performers will be in ice skates.  Outside of Pepsi Center, they will take part in community and marketing initiatives helping promote and represent the Colorado Avalanche brand.

What is the main purpose for the ice girls?
The Ice Girls’ primary job function will be to maintain the ice surface at all media timeouts, this includes clearing the ice in the both offensive zones.

Why do both offensive zones of the ice need to be cleared during media timeouts?
Due to new National Hockey League policies, the ice needs to be cleared to keep the playing surface in the best condition as possible. This is so the game is not compromised due to poor ice conditions.

Other than clearing the ice, what else will the Ice Girls be doing?
Members of the Ice Girls Team will take part in some intermission activities, and also represent the Colorado Avalanche organization at outside events, marketing initiatives, and community appearances.

Will the Ice Girls do any kind of performances?
Yes, but not every game, most likely for special theme nights during intermission.  Performances will be figure skating, not dancing.

Will the Ice Girls be blocking any sight views of the ice during play or between whistles?
Not at all; the Ice Girls will only be on the ice surface during media timeouts and intermissions. They will not be in the seating areas during play.

How many other NHL teams have "ice girls"?
Over 15 other NHL teams have some form of "Ice Girls", including: Anaheim, Boston, Calgary, Carolina, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Edmonton, Florida, Los Angeles, Nashville, New Jersey, New York Islanders, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Vancouver, and Washington.

Is there still going to be an In-Game Promotional Team next season?
Yes, the “Ski Patrol” promo team will still be at all games next season helping with all the promotional elements during Avalanche Games.

Will the Ice Girls be sanctioned through U.S. Figure Skating?
Yes, U.S. Figure Skating will sanction any performances that the Avs Ice Girls do.
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