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Ask A Player - Ian Laperriere

by Staff Writer / Colorado Avalanche
1. Who is the toughest guy you ever fought on the ice?
- Ben, Colorado Springs

Laperriere: "I've fought a lot of tough guys. Honestly, I think every guy I have fought is tough."

2. If you could put yourself on a line with any two forwards in the history of hockey, who would you play with?
- Melissa, Estes Park, CO

Laperriere: "Mario Lemieux and Maurice Richard"

3. How do you spend your time when you are on the road traveling?
- Sammi, Erie CO

Laperriere: "Watching movies."

4. Your nose is the sign of a true tough and gritty hockey player - how many times has it been broken along the way and how?
- Steve, Bristow, VA

Laperriere: "Seven times. But who's counting."

5. What would be your career of choice if you couldn't play hockey or work in management/ broadcast for the NHL?
- Chris, Lakewood

Laperriere: "A policeman. I still might try to do that."

6. What is the greatest moment of your whole hockey career since you started playing?
- Craig, Glasgow, Scotland

Laperriere: "My first NHL game."

7. Do you ever feel the effects from a fight the next day and do you regret slugging it out with the bigger fellows?
- Katrina, Commerce City CO.

Laperriere: "I have 60-year old hands. And no, I never regret a fight."

8. Which of your teammates would you say is the biggest jokester/prankster on the team?
- Brandon, Rose Hill

Laperriere: "Brad May"

9. How important is it to you that so many Avalanche fans have made you one of their favorite players and have decided to help support your charity through the It's All About Lappy shirt sales?
- John Walker, Clayton, North Carolina

Laperriere: "It's great. I appreciate all the support I've received here in Denver. The fans are awesome."

10. After you retire as a player someday, could you see yourself continuing your career in hockey as a coach?
- Tim, Sherman Oaks, CA

Laperriere: "Yes. That's what I would like to do."

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