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2014-15 Ice Girls Auditions Recap

by Staff Writer / Colorado Avalanche

June 14th, this was the date that was announced for the Colorado Avalanche Ice Girls auditions. As the date approached I began to prepare myself with skating drills that would help me perform my best and showcase my abilities as a skater. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect that night, but I knew I had to bring my A-game because there were already so many amazing and talented skaters on the team from last year that were trying out again.

With my hair crimped, makeup done, and skates sharpened, I walked into the Ice Ranch confident, nervous, excited and a little jittery. I found my place in the check-in line, resume and head shot in hand, waiting to get my audition number: number 3. This had to mean I would be in the first group of girls to perform, which made my nerves skyrocket! I pinned my number on, took my photo and lined up along the boards. We began the first round of auditions with forward and backwards crossovers and a full sprint down the ice. After my group finished, the other girls who were waiting for their turn screamed and applauded, which gave me just the confidence I needed after my first skate.

Waiting for the judges to come back with numbers of the girls they were keeping through the first cut was daunting. But after hearing my number called I was relieved and ready for round two!

For this round, we started with the shoveling routine that is used during the Avs games to clear the ice. I was lucky enough to be paired with veteran Ice Girl, Samantha, who helped me with the routine. The shoveling was followed with another round of crossovers, both front and back, and lastly quick sprints between the blue lines. After this, the judges surprised us and gave us the option to show off our skating talent in any way we wanted. Naturally, I grabbed my hockey stick and gloves and began to puck handle. Then I finished it off with a penalty shot.

Since there were a variety of skating styles, it was also amazing to see all the figure skaters perform their jumps and spins while twisting their bodies in many directions - all sorts of tricks that I would never be able to pull off on hockey skates. I was very impressed by all the talent that was at auditions, along with all the love and support the girls gave to each other after each group finished skating. To me, this said a lot about the character of the girls here at auditions and made me want to be a part of this group even more!

While everyone waited in the locker room for the judges to deliberate you could tell nerves were high. Was my skating going to be enough? Thankfully though, number 3 played out well for me as I was one of the first to hear my number called through to the interview round.

My excitement quickly turned back into nerves as I didn’t know what to expect of the interview process. How many people will be interviewing me? What type of questions will they ask?

After I received the phone call about making the team I was so ecstatic - I might have even shed a tear! Growing up in the hockey world and loving the game as much as I do, made this a dream come true!

I couldn't be more proud to be a Colorado Avalanche Ice Girl!


Hello Avalanche Nation!

Last season marked the inaugural season for the Colorado Avalanche Ice Girls team. This wonderful bunch of ladies felt extremely fortunate to have been a part of this history making group for the Avalanche organization. We truly valued and enjoyed every minute of supporting the Avs on the ice and out in the community and made memories that will last a lifetime. On Saturday, June 14th, we had the opportunity to try and extend our time with this amazing team at the 2nd annual Colorado Avalanche Ice Girls auditions.

As the sun began to set, dozens of talented hockey and figure skaters piled into the Ice Ranch in Littleton, Colorado. With figure skates and hockey sticks in tow, the girls began introducing themselves to each other. Being on the team last year, the returning Ice Girls hugged and reminisced with one another, while also introducing themselves to those who were new to the process.

At 7:00pm, we were led into the arena where we lined up for registration and ultimately handed in our paperwork in exchange for a numbered audition bib. Being near the ice, with the end goal in mind of remaking the team, took me back to memories of being on the ice at Pepsi Center; feeling the electricity from the crowd and the energy from the game being played, skating across the ice in front of 18,000 people and taking it all in… it gave me a rush of emotions and adrenaline.

After all of the girls received their numbers, we each headed into a locker room to have our pictures taken. We did some last minute hair and makeup touch ups, laced up our skates, and headed to the boards to get in numerical order. We were divided into two groups and were led onto the ice for a few minutes of warm ups.

There were three rounds of skating, with each round seeming to build on the round before. We had to demonstrate our proficiency in forward and backward skating, sprinting and stopping quickly and accurately, and of course, showing our ability to skate with a shovel!

Cuts were made between each round of skating; however, prior to the judges making their final decision, we were able to showcase our skating talents in a bonus freestyle round. The talents that were demonstrated were extraordinary, from hockey and figure skaters alike.

We cleared the ice and anxiously awaited the final round of cuts. I never considered 32 to be a lucky number until that night, since it brought me back to the interview round and ultimately, a second year with this incredible team. The first season on this squad was unforgettable. Your veteran members could not be more excited to return to Pepsi Center in the fall for another unbelievable season, especially with the five amazing rookies that were selected as well! Here's to an exciting 2014-15 hockey season, Avalanche fans!


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