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ICE HOCKEY - Ice hockey has major and minor penalties. If you break a rule, you go to the penalty box for a set amount of time while your team plays without you.

STREET HOCKEY - Penalties are strictly forbidden. PENALTIES ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Got it? Any player whose intentional actions result in a penalty will be pulled from the game and will not be allowed to return to the game. Period. The safety of all players is Priority Number One. If a penalty occurs unintentionally, the player committing the penalty will be pulled from the game to sit out for two minutes. A substitute will be brought in to play for the penalized player.


HIGH STICKING - Keep your stick DOWN. A player who carries his stick above the waist is a penalty waiting to happen. If your stick goes above your waist, you will sit down.

CHECKING - Body checks are illegal in street hockey. Do not use your body to force another player into a wall or barrier or out-of-bounds.

INTERFERENCE - You may NOT interfere with another player who does not have the puck.

CHARGING - Similar to checking - you can't run or jump or fling yourself into an opponent.

ELBOWING - NO throwing elbows.

SLASHING - NO striking or slashing at an opponent with your stick.

BUTT ENDING - NO jabbing an opponent with the but end of the shaft of your stick.

FIGHTING - You know what it is. DON'T do it.

TRIPPING - Knocking your opponent's feet out from under them with your feet, that's called tripping. Knocking your opponent's feet out from under them with your stick is still called tripping. And it's a penalty.

HOLDING - You may NOT interfere with your opponent's progress with your hands.

HOOKING - You may NOT interfere with your opponent's progress with your stick.

CROSS-CHECKING - If you hold your stick with both hands and slam the shaft of it into your opponents, that's cross-checking... Now, go sit down and watch the rest of the game from the bench.

Here are some cool terms that the pros use.

ASSIST: The pass or passes which lead to the scoring of a goal. Up to two player assists can be awarded per goal. And by the way, an assist is worth the same as a goal!

BETWEEN THE PIPES: Playing goal. "A goalie plays between the pipes."

BISCUIT: A nickname for the puck. "Pass me the biscuit."

BREAKAWAY: When a player with the puck clears past the opposition and moves in for an open shot on goal.

CLEAR THE PUCK: Sending the puck out of the defensive zone.

DANGLE: Someone with awesome stickhandling ability. "He can dangle," or "He's a dangler."

DEKE/DEKING: A fake made by the puck carrier to get around an opponent. "He dekes right and then moves left past the opposing player."

FEEDING: Passing the puck to a teammate. "Feed me!"

FIVE HOLE: When a goalie stands in the net, there are 4 natural open "holes" (upper left and right corner and lower left and right corner). The 5th hole (five hole) is the space between the goalie's legs.

HAT TRICK: Three goals scored by one player in a single game.

LID: A player's helmet. "Strap on your lid."

ONE-TIMER: When a player immediately shoots the puck upon receiving a pass without stick-handling first. "He one-timed it into the net."

PADS: Protective shin pads worn by the goalie.

ROOFED/TOP SHELF: To shoot the puck into the top part of the net for a goal. "He roofed it." "He scored top shelf."

SWEATER: A player's jersey. Jerseys were called sweaters because they were originally made of wool. "I'm proud to wear my team's sweater." "Never let that sweater touch the floor."

TARGET: A term sometimes used to describe the goalie.

TWIG: A hockey stick. Most hockey sticks are made from wood.

TWO-ON-ONE: When two players on the offense move forward toward the goal against only one defensive player (also two-on-two, three-on-one, three-on-two).

WHEELS: A term used to describe a player with exceptional speed. "He's got great wheels!"

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