Do you loooove hockey? Do you wear your Maple Leafs jersey to sleep every night? Do you coordinate your wardrobe around the Mighty Ducks' team colors? Is your middle name #99? Do you sing "Let's go Rangers" in the shower? Did you melt your mom's favorite silverware down into your own personal Stanley Cup? Does your favorite shirt have a fighting strap? Is your dog's name Zamboni? Have you made class presentations about the difference between butterfly and stand-up style goaltending? Are you the only one in your class that knows what vulcanized rubber is? Does the very mention of the word "Cup" give you goosebumps?

If you're nodding your head, then we have a suggestion for you...join an NHL Kids Club! Team Kids Clubs are the best way for you to stay updated on your favorite team. You can be the first to know about player trades, new jerseys, special events, giveaways and contests and you may even receive special player interviews and merchandise like stickers, posters, and autographs!

Below you’ll find links to NHL Team Kids Clubs. So strap up your Gordie Howe commemorative elbow pads and click on the link for your favorite team to find out more!

(need to be season ticket holder to be member)

Wait! You’re a fan of ALL of the teams? You think there should be a League kids club? Then we want to hear from you!

What do you think the perfect NHL Kids Club would be like? What would you like to be in the newsletter? What would you want to receive as a member? Let us know!