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PlayerCurrent TeamBirth DatePlace of BirthMedia
D'Amigo, Jerry (RW) BUF Feb 19, 1991Binghamton, NY, USAVideo ›
Daccord, Joel (G) OTT Aug 19, 1996Boston, MA, USA
Dahlbeck, Klas (D) ARI Jul 6, 1991Katrineholm, SWEVideo ›
Dahlstrom, Carl (D) CHI Jan 28, 1995Stockholm, SWE
Dahlstrom, John (RW) CHI Jan 22, 1997Kungsbacka, SWE
Dal Colle, Michael (LW) NYI Jun 20, 1996Richmond Hill, ON, CAN
Daley, Trevor (D) CHI Oct 9, 1983Toronto, ON, CANVideo ›
Dalpe, Zac (C) MIN Nov 1, 1989Paris, ON, CANVideo ›
Daly, Patrick (D) NJD Jun 9, 1992Minneapolis, MN, USA
Danault, Phillip (C) CHI Feb 24, 1993Victoriaville, QC, CAN
Danis, Yann (G) NJD Jun 21, 1981Lafontaine, QC, CAN
Dano, Marko (RW) CHI Nov 30, 1994Eisenstadt, AUTVideo ›
Dansk, Oscar (G) CBJ Feb 28, 1994Stockholm, SWE
Darcy, Cameron (C) TBL Mar 2, 1994South Boston, MA, USA
Darling, Scott (G) CHI Dec 22, 1988Newport News, VA, USAVideo ›
Datsyuk, Pavel (C) DET Jul 20, 1978Sverdlovsk, RUSVideo ›
Dauphin, Laurent (C) ARI Mar 27, 1995Repenigny, QC, CAN
Davidson, Brandon (D) EDM Aug 21, 1991Lethbridge, AB, CANVideo ›
Davis, Kevin (D) EDM Mar 14, 1997-
de Haan, Calvin (D) NYI May 9, 1991Carp, ON, CANVideo ›
de Haas, James (D) DET May 3, 1994Mississauga, ON, CAN
De Jong, Nolan (D) MIN Apr 25, 1995Victoria, BC, CAN
De La Rose, Jacob (LW) MTL May 20, 1995Arvika, SWEVideo ›
De Leo, Chase (C) WPG Oct 25, 1995La Mirada, CA, USA
Dea, Jean-Sebastien (C) PIT Feb 8, 1994Laval, QC, CAN
DeAngelo, Anthony (D) TBL Oct 24, 1995Sewell, NJ, USA
Deblouw, Matthew (C) CGY Sep 17, 1993Chesterfield, MI, USA
DeBrusk, Jake (LW) BOS Oct 17, 1996Edmonton, AB, CAN
DeFazio, Brandon (LW) BOS Sep 13, 1988Oakville, ON, CAN
DeKeyser, Danny (D) DET Mar 7, 1990Detroit, MI, USAVideo ›
Del Zotto, Michael (D) PHI Jun 24, 1990Stouffville, ON, CANVideo ›
Dell, Aaron (G) SJS May 4, 1989-
Delnov, Alexander (LW) FLA Jan 14, 1994Moscow, RUS
DeMelo, Dylan (D) SJS May 1, 1993London, ON, CAN
Demers, Jason (D) DAL Jun 9, 1988Dorval, QC, CANVideo ›
Demko, Thatcher (G) VAN Dec 8, 1995San Diego, CA, USA
Dempsey, Mitchell (LW) BOS Feb 27, 1995Cambridge, ON, CAN
Denisov, Denis (LW) BUF Dec 31, 1981Moscow, RUS
Dergachyov, Alexander (C) LAK Sep 27, 1996Langepas, RUS
Dermott, Travis (D) TOR Dec 22, 1996Newmarket, ON, CAN
Descheneau, Jaedon (RW) STL Feb 22, 1995Leduc, AB, CAN
Desharnais, David (C) MTL Sep 14, 1986Laurier-Station, QC, CANVideo ›
Desjardins, Andrew (LW) CHI Jul 27, 1986Lively, ON, CANVideo ›
Desjardins, Cedrick (G) NYR Sep 30, 1985Edmundston, NB, CANVideo ›
Deslauriers, Nicolas (LW) BUF Feb 22, 1991Lasalle, QC, CANVideo ›
Despres, Simon (D) ANA Jul 27, 1991Laval, QC, CANVideo ›
Desrocher, Stephen (D) TOR Jan 26, 1996Toronto, ON, CAN
Desrosiers, Philippe (G) DAL Aug 16, 1995Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, CAN
Devane, Jamie (LW) NSH Feb 20, 1991Mississauga, ON, CAN
Di Giuseppe, Phillip (LW) CAR Oct 9, 1993Toronto, ON, CAN
Quote of the Day

I'm a hockey player and that's what I love to do. That is what I am here for. Everything else is just a side note.

— Oilers forward Connor McDavid on moving beyond the anticipation of his long-awaited arrival in the NHL