Constellation: Constellation is a leading competitive retail supplier of power, natural gas and energy products and services for homes and businesses across the continental United States. Constellation's family of retail businesses serves more than 2 million residential, public sector and business customers, including more than two-thirds of the Fortune 100. Constellation, an Exelon company, recognizes that the energy industry is resource intensive and produces emissions and waste streams that must be carefully managed. They are working to minimize the impact on the environment, prevent pollution, preserve natural resources and promote energy efficiency. As the NHL's preferred energy provider, Constellation works with the League to conduct energy efficiency analyses and recommend energy management strategies for NHL arenas and team facilities. Additionally, Constellation provides Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and carbon offsets to counterbalance the League's estimated total carbon footprint.

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EPA WasteWise: In 2011, the National Hockey League became the first professional sports league to partner with the EPA's WasteWise program. WasteWise and the NHL are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and eliminating costly municipal waste in all 30 NHL venues across North America. The EPA celebrated nine NHL Clubs for their commitment to food recovery and waste prevention in the 2010-11 season.

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EPA ENERGY STAR: The National Hockey League is the first professional sports league to partner with the EPA ENERGY STAR program. Together, the NHL and EPA ENERGY STAR are designing a strategic approach to energy and water management, to reduce the operational costs of NHL facilities and lessen the impact our sport has on the environment. Combined with the WasteWise program, the NHL's partnership with the EPA represents a comprehensive effort to reduce our carbon and water footprint.

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Beyond Sport: Beyond Sport is a global organization that promotes, develops and supports the use of sport to drive positive social change around the world. The National Hockey League is an official Founding Supporter of Beyond Sport United- a unique event which engages members of international sports organizations to determine how sport can play a role in addressing socio-political, economic and global business issues. In December 2011, the NHL was celebrated as winner of the Sport for Environment Award and named as a finalist in the Federation of the Year category. The League has once again been nominated in the Sport for Environment category for 2012.

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Green Sports Alliance: The NHL became a Member of the Green Sports Alliance (GSA) in June 2011. The GSA is a non-profit organization with a mission to reduce the environmental impact of professional sports and to inspire fans to join in the efforts. The Green Sports Alliance was formed in March 2011 by six teams competing in six different professional sports leagues, including the NHL's Vancouver Canucks.

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Natural Resource Defense Council: Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is one of the nation's most effective environmental action groups. The organization strives to safeguard the Earth: its people, its plants and animals and the natural systems. The National Hockey League has worked with NRDC on sustainability initiatives since 2008, when NRDC assembled NHL Greening Advisors for each Club. NRDC's support was integral to the official launch of NHL Green, on New Year's Day 2010. Since that time, the NHL and NRDC have partnered to green jewel events, such as the 2010 NHL Draft, and have distributed a comprehensive solar panel installation guide to all NHL Clubs, urging facilities to become leaders of renewable energy systems. Today, NRDC provides fundamental support to the NHL in the League's ever-expanding commitment to ecological responsibility.

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Bonneville Environmental Foundation: Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) is one of the most trusted, nonprofit providers of market-based solutions designed to help businesses and organizations balance their carbon and water footprints. The National Hockey League has partnered with BEF to purchase 426,000 kWh of renewable energy to offset that needed to power the 2011 Winter Classic and 2011 All-Star Weekend. The League- through BEF's innovative Water Restoration Certificates- launched the NHL Water Restoration Project in June 2011. The NHL replaced over one million gallons of water to a critically dewatered stream, making the Stanley Cup Final the first ever water-neutral series in League history.

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EPA Green Power Partnership: In May 2012, the NHL became the first professional sports league to join the EPA Green Power Partnership, a program built to encourage the voluntary use of green power to reduce the risk of climate change. The League attained status in the Green Power Leadership Club by pledging to counterbalance 100% of estimated 2012 electricity usage at New York City headquarters through Green-e® Energy certified renewable energy certificates (RECs) from U.S. wind projects. Through this initiative, the NHL is supporting the development of new, renewable energy in the United States.

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Gallons For Goals
Goals Scored
Gallons Restored
  • For each goal scored during the Regular Season, the NHL is restoring 1,000 gallons of water to a critically dewatered river, through Bonneville Environmental Foundation's Water Restoration Certificates.