Entry Draft - Drafted brothers

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Several sets of brothers have been selected in the first round of the NHL Draft, including the Hatcher brothers, Kevin, taken by Washington with the 17th pick in 1984, and Derian, selected by the then Minnesota North Stars with the eighth pick in 1990.

Then there are the Sutter brothers. No family can top the Draft success of the Sutter clan. Four of the six Sutters that played in the NHL were selected in the first round.


Brother Combinations in the First Round
Last Name First Name Pick Year Drafted By
Babych Dave 2nd 1980 Winnipeg
  Wayne 3rd 1978 St. Louis
Biron Martin 16th 1995 Buffalo
  Mathieu 21st 1998 Los Angeles
Hatcher Derian 8th 1990 Minnesota
  Kevin 17th 1984 Washington
Hossa Marian 12th 1997 Ottawa
  Marcel 16th 2000 Montreal
Hunter Mark 7th 1981 Montreal
  Dave 17th 1978 Montreal
Koivu Mikko 6th 2001 Minnesota
  Saku 21st 1993 Montreal
Lindros Eric 1st 1991 Quebec
  Brett 9th 1994 NY Islanders
Niedermayer Scott 3rd 1991 New Jersey
  Rob 5th 1993 Florida
Primeau Keith 3rd 1990 Detroit
  Wayne 17th 1994 Buffalo
Reinhart Sam 2nd 2014 Buffalo
Griffin 4th 2012 NY Islanders
Schenn Luke 4th 2008 Toronto
  Brayden 5th 2009 Los Angeles
Schmaltz Nick 20th 2014 Chicago
Jordan 25th 2012 St. Louis
Sedin Daniel 2nd 1999 Vancouver
  Henrik 3rd 1999 Vancouver
Staal Eric 2nd 2003 Carolina
  Jordan 2nd 2006 Pittsburgh
  Marc 12th 2005 NY Rangers
Stewart Chris 18th 2006 Colorado
  Anthony 25th 2003 Florida
Sutter Ron 4th 1982 Philadelphia
  Rich 10th 1982 Pittsburgh
  Duane 17th 1979 NY Islanders
  Brent 17th 1980 NY Islanders
Turgeon Pierre 1st 1987 Buffalo
  Sylvain 2nd 1983 Hartford


On seven occasions, sets of twin brothers have been selected in the NHL Draft. The most noteworthy are the Sedin twins of Sweden, Daniel and Henrik, who were chosen by the Vancouver Canucks with the 2nd and 3rd overall selections in 1999. Trhee sets of twins, Peter and Paul Flache, Henrik and Joel Lundqvist and Matt and Mark McRae, were selected in the 2000 Entry Draft.

Twin Brothers Selected in the Draft
Last Name First Name (Pick, Team, Year) First Name (Pick, Team, Year)
Ferraro Peter (24th, NYR, 1992) Chris (85th, NYR, 1992)
Flache Paul (152nd, EDM, 2000) Peter (262nd, CHI, 2000)
Lundqvist Henrik (205th, NYR, 2000) Joel (68th, DAL, 2000)
McRae Matt (147th, ATL, 2000) Mark (288th, ATL, 2000)
Sedin Daniel (2nd, VAN, 1999) Henrik (3rd, VAN, 1999)
Sundstrom Patrik (175th, VAN, 1980) Peter (50th, NYR, 1981)
Sutter Ron (4th, PHI, 1982) Rich (10th, PIT, 1982)