Rule 27   Major Penalties

  1. For the first "MAJOR PENALTY" in any one game, the offender, except the goalkeeper, shall be ruled off the ice for five (5) minutes during which time no substitute shall be permitted.

    An automatic fine of one hundred dollars ($100) shall also be added when a major penalty is imposed for any foul causing injury to the face or head of an opponent by means of a stick.

  2. For the third major penalty in the same game to the same player, or for a major for butt-ending (Rule 46), checking from behind (Rule 48), clipping (Rule 49), cross-checking (Rule 50), head-butting (Rule 60), hooking (Rule 64), kneeing (Rule 71), slashing (Rule 85) or spearing (Rule 86), he shall be ruled off the ice for the balance of the game, but a substitute shall be permitted to replace the player so suspended after five (5) minutes have elapsed. (Major penalty plus game misconduct with automatic fine of two hundred dollars ($200).)

    The substitute is not required to take his place on the penalty bench immediately, but must do so at a stoppage of play prior to the expiration of the major penalty. He may then legally exit the penalty bench when the major penalty has expired. Failure to place a player on the penalty bench prior to the expiration of the major penalty will result in that team having to continue playing one player short (but not officially considered shorthanded) until the next stoppage of play. Any replacement player who enters the game other than from the players' bench shall constitute an illegal substitution under Rule 17 -- Change of Players calling for a bench minor penalty.

    Furthermore, if the Team fails to place a player on the penalty bench to return to the ice at the end of the major penalty, they continue to play shorthanded but are NOT permitted to ice the puck as they are no longer shorthanded by reason of a penalty.

  3. When coincident major penalties or coincident penalties of equal duration, including a major penalty, are imposed against players of both Teams, the penalized players shall all take their places on the penalty benches and such penalized players shall not leave the penalty benches until the first stoppage of play following the expiry of their respective penalties. Immediate substitutions shall be made for an equal number of major penalties, or coincident penalties of equal duration including a major penalty to each Team so penalized, and the penalties of the players for which substitutions have been made shall not be taken into account for the purpose of the Delayed Penalty Rule, (Rule 32)

    Where it is required to determine which of the penalized players shall be designated to serve the delayed penalty under Rule 32 - Delayed Penalties, the penalized Team shall have the right to make such designation not in conflict with Rule 26 - Minor Penalties.

  4. During the last five (5) minutes of regulation time, or at any time in overtime, when a minor penalty (or double minor penalty) is assessed to one player of Team A, and a major (or match) penalty is assessed to one player of Team B on the same stoppage of play, the three-minute (or one minute) differential shall be served immediately as a major penalty. This is also applicable when coincidental penalties are negated, leaving the aforementioned examples. In such instances, the Team of the player receiving the major penalty must place the replacement player in the penalty bench prior to expiration of the penalty (in the case of a match penalty, the replacement player must enter the penalty bench immediately). The differential will be recorded on the penalty clock as a three (3) minute or a one (1) minute penalty (as applicable), and served in the same manner as a major penalty.



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