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Zigtech Ultimate Training powered by Reebok

Push-ups and pull-ups helped Recchi's upper body

Tuesday, 11.23.2010 / 9:00 AM / Zigtech Ultimate Training powered by Reebok

Shawn P. Roarke - Senior Managing Editor

While many rightfully will point to lower-body training as the most important aspect of any hockey player's regimen, upper-body training can not be ignored.

Boston forward Mark Recchi remains competitive at 42 because he spends a ton of time doing explosive sprinting exercises to work on his speed and complements that work with various other lower-body exercises. But after two decades of NHL battles, Recchi also is smart enough to understand his training would not be complete without a good deal of upper-body work, as well.

Always looking for an edge, Recchi spent a summer afternoon at a Reebok training shoot picking the brain of Jeremy Frisch, a strength-and-conditioning coach who recently left the College of the Holy Cross to become a personal trainer.

In many ways, Frisch, who has been in the business for the past decade, is an old-school trainer. He does not put much stock in a good deal of the new-fangled workout machines flooding the market. To him, the best workouts are the most basic workouts.

Commitment to training has helped Recchi's longevity

Friday, 10.29.2010 / 9:00 AM / Zigtech Ultimate Training powered by Reebok

Shawn P. Roarke - Senior Managing Editor

Mark Recchi impresses even fitness professionals.

Jeremy Frisch, a strength and conditioning coach for 10 years who recently left the College of the Holy Cross, helped put Recchi through a workout and was blown away by the abilities of the 42-year-old Boston Bruins forward.

"He's amazing," Frisch told "And he's a good guy, too.

"Guys should take notice that you can be in that type of shape at that age. You can absolutely get in good shape if you train and focus."

Recchi never has been shy about training or committing himself to those things he needs to make himself better and keep himself competitive against players sometimes more than half his age.

Off-ice commitment has Recchi strong at age 42

Friday, 10.22.2010 / 1:10 PM / Zigtech Ultimate Training powered by Reebok

Mark Recchi never has been afraid of hard work. And that attitude has paved the way for Recchi's ability to last more than two decades in a sport as physically demanding as hockey at the NHL level.

"If you can't come to the rink and work hard every day -- it's an hour to two hours out of your day -- who wouldn't want to do that?" said Recchi, who at 42 is the oldest player in the League "It's awesome and it's a privilege to play in the NHL, I love it. Playing the game of hockey, and why not come and work?"

But with all the mileage on Recchi's hockey odometer -- 1,576 regular-season games and 164 Stanley Cup Playoff games, including two runs that ended with him hoisting the Stanley Cup -- hasn't it become a little harder or more daunting to show up for those off-season workouts to prepare for yet another season?

Trainer's innovative regimen key to Crosby's game

Thursday, 10.14.2010 / 9:00 AM / Zigtech Ultimate Training powered by Reebok

Shawn P. Roarke - Senior Managing Editor

There are few shortcuts in Sidney Crosby's game, which many describe as the most complete in the NHL today.

Not surprisingly, there are even fewer shortcuts in Crosby's preparation off the ice.

At an early age, it was abundantly clear Crosby had the natural skills to play elite-level hockey, but the emerging star in his family knew the best way to make that dream become reality was to train his body to get the most out of those skills.

And as is the case with most success stories, divine providence came into play. As a 13-year-old with a burgeoning reputation as the best teenage player in Canada, Crosby ran into trainer Andy O'Brien, an unproven commodity who had just graduated from college with a kinesiology degree, at a summer hockey camp.

Fitness training important part of Crosby's offseason

Tuesday, 09.28.2010 / 9:00 AM / Zigtech Ultimate Training powered by Reebok

Shawn P. Roarke - Senior Managing Editor

While it is hard to believe there are things in hockey that Sidney Crosby hasn't experienced during his amazing run through the first five years of his NHL career, it is indeed true.

"There are always new experiences," Crosby told "I think you are always learning."

One of the biggest things the 23-year-old Crosby has learned is that the grind of an NHL season -- especially one that runs into June -- places incredible demands on his body.

So he makes a point of using his summers not only to relax, but to also get down the best possible physical base to prepare him for the tests he will encounter in the coming season.


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