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NHL Fantasy Re-Draft

Recent Cup champs shine again in EA simulation

Wednesday, 08.31.2011 / 12:23 PM / NHL Fantasy Re-Draft

David Kalan - Staff Writer

There are few postseason tournaments that bring the same kind of excitement and unpredictability of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Often the Cup is taken home by one of the top teams from the regular season, but in the past decade alone a sixth seed, a seventh seed and an eighth seed have all gotten within one win of hoisting Stanley. In 2010, the seventh-seeded Flyers didn't clinch a playoff berth until the final day of the season and wound up two wins shy of their first championship in 35 years.

To be sure, the Re-Draft is not reality, but in our brand of preseason make-believe there is some borrowing from the real world in the form of upsets. In EA SPORTS' simulation of the Re-Draft, seven different series ended with the lower seed advancing, including four in the first round alone. Each conference features a potential Cinderella run and the Stanley Cup Final pits two recent champions against each other in a series that goes the distance.

EA simulates Re-Draft season: Jackets, Canes reign

Tuesday, 08.30.2011 / 4:45 PM / NHL Fantasy Re-Draft

David Kalan - Staff Writer

In sports, there are all manner of prognosticators who will attempt to pick the winners for the regular season. Some years that can go pretty well; others, well, not so good.

The same goes for's first ever league Re-Draft, our late-summer idea of fun on simulated ice. Take a cursory glance at the rosters selected by our 15 staffers, guess at who will and won't fare the best during an NHL season, then measure your predictive madness against the results once games are played.

Or in this case, simulated.

"GMs" at redrafted the entire League

Thursday, 08.25.2011 / 6:00 PM / NHL Fantasy Re-Draft

Dave Lozo - Staff Writer

Shortly after the rush of free agency in early July, the NHL offseason's pace becomes, well, more family skate than all-out playoff shift.

But that doesn't mean we stop thinking about hockey. In fact, the brain can wander pretty deep into the forest of sticks and pucks. One question that comes to mind: What would happen if every team in the NHL had to start from scratch? What if every single player no longer had a team to call home -- but had their current contract -- and the League had to have a draft to fill out their 23-man rosters for the upcoming season?

We figured it would be fun to answer the muse: So in late July, 15 NHL staffers gathered in a conference room at NHL headquarters and redrafted the entire League.

Predicting the Fantasy Re-Draft results

Thursday, 08.25.2011 / 6:00 PM / NHL Fantasy Re-Draft

Dave Lozo - Staff Writer

Experts, pundits, analysts and the guy who cuts your hair all believe they can predict what will happen in an upcoming in NHL season with perfect precision. Of course, despite years of information and knowledge about the teams, very few come close to being right about their prognostications.

That makes predicting the outcome of this Fantasy Re-Draft make-believe league simulated on EA '12 anywhere from laughable to ridiculous to downright impossible. That doesn't mean fun can't be had trying.

After going over all 30 rosters, here is how everything will shake out after the simulation is run. Check out Aug. 30 and 31 to see if these predictions with EA's results of the simulated season.

How would teams look if we started from scratch?

Thursday, 08.25.2011 / 6:00 PM / NHL Fantasy Re-Draft

Dave Lozo - Staff Writer

It took six hours, 15 people and 5 large cheese pizzas to get it done, but we drafted 690 hockey players to fill out 30 NHL rosters, and here they are. "GMs" redraft League
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