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Snow causes delay for Craig's crew in Calgary

By Dave Lozo - Staff Writer

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Snow causes delay for Craig's crew in Calgary
Some snow showers caused a delay for NHL ice guru Dan Craig and his crew Wednesday, but he expects the game to go off without a hitch on Sunday.
CALGARY -- An unexpected snow shower caused a considerable delay in the ice-making process at McMahon Stadium on Wednesday, NHL Facilities Operations Manager Dan Craig said.

"It backed us up by about six hours," Craig said. "We shoveled, tried to lay down a bit of water this morning but the snow wouldn't quit. So we had to just shovel for four hours and wait for it to break. There's still flurries here and there and that really doesn’t do us very well. We'll just keep hot water on it until about 4 p.m. and see if we can start putting down our ice markings later today.

"Now we'll probably just get started with the markings tonight, then come back and finish everything tomorrow."

How long will Craig's crew spend out in the elements Wednesday playing catch-up?

"Til Mother Nature kicks my butt and tells me to go home," Craig said.

Craig said his crew will make up for the lost time and it won't cause any problems in terms of the events planned for the 2011 Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic.

"Oh, we'll play a game Sunday," Craig said confidently. "I just don't want to beat up all my guys to get there. No sense in keeping them out in minus-17 degree weather if you don't have to be out there."

According to, there are some snow flurries in the forecast for Thursday, but everything looks clear for the weekend. Of course, as was proven Wednesday, the weather in Alberta can change in a heartbeat.

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