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One-on-One with Ryan Miller

Thursday, 02.18.2010 / 5:55 PM / All-Access Vancouver

By Dan Rosen - NHL.com Senior Writer

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One-on-One with Ryan Miller
NHL.com's Dan  Rosen talks to Team USA goalie Ryan Miller after his 6-1 win over Norway.
VANCOUVER -- For Team USA to do some significant damage in this tournament, goalie Ryan Miller has to be its best player. You could argue that he was Thursday in the American's 6-1 win over Norway.

Miller faced only 11 shots and stopped 10 of them, but he was a heck of a lot busier than Roberto Luongo was two nights ago against the same Norwegian team. Miller stopped to chat with NHL.com moments after leaving the ice at Canada Hockey Place.

NHL.com: It seemed as though in the third period the odd-man rushes got cut down a bit and the offense rolled. Was that the way you guys need to play?

Miller: Yeah, we can't give up some of the plays we have given up in the first few games here against the tougher teams. I think we saw opportunities to create offense that led to some of those odd-man rushes, but we're going to have to be willing to play a chess game against some of these teams like Canada and Russia, teams that are going to be coming up ice hard and can really create.

NHL.com: Did you think you'd see as much action as you saw today?

Team USA GearMiller: I watched their game (against Canada) and I knew they had a couple of really strong shooters and they can skate and move the puck. With that style in the neutral zone they are going to turn over some pucks once in a while, and when they did there was going to be some zone time and some rushes. I had to be aware of it.

NHL.com: How do you think the guys in front of you are playing, your defensemen?

Miller: Oh, good. Yeah, I think they're good. We just have to sort out a few things. I think the neutral zone is something we can always clean up, but we're going to see a different style on Sunday. We'll work on it. We have two days.

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