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Fans use social media to praise Brodeur

Tuesday, 12.22.2009 / 11:00 AM / Brodeur Watch

Hockey fans across the world would love to offer Martin Brodeur congratulations on his record-setting 104th shutout, but it’s not like they have his phone number or e-mail address.

Thanks to Twitter, they can let their voices be heard right here on The following are some of the best messages fans on Twitter had to offer following the New Jersey Devils' 4-0 victory against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Monday night. Starting us off is Newark Mayor Cory Booker:

@CoryBooker Tremendous! Congrats Brodeur! Go Devils!

@phillian Congrats to Martin Brodeur. You own the records. You're the man. You've been the man in NJ for years.

@benjamindwilson Drafted 10th overall by the Leafs in 1990: Drake Berehowsky Drafted 20th overall by the Devils in 1990: Martin Brodeur. Missed the boat.

@JF21685 Martin Brodeur has time and again proven why he is the best goalie of all time. And yesterday he reiterated and proved that again

@brookswm Congratulations Martin Brodeur on being the indispensable best goalie ever, most wins and now most shut-outs!

@JonSmith66 Kudos to #Pens fans for giving Martin Brodeur a standing ovation for breaking the NHL shutout record. #Pens fans are such a class act.

@ollivirtanen congrats marty brodeur. best goalie ever.

@koalabunga congratulations to martin brodeur for breaking the nhl's all time shutout the expense of my penguins no less :-/

@mdsharpe85 first wins! then minutes! then games! then shutouts! MARTIN BRODEUR The only goalie I was concious enough to remember. Congrats on 104.

@fatkidinWA Congrats to Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur on his 104th career shutout.

@wasabi Congrats to Martin Brodeur, quite possibly the best hockey goalie of all time. My hat goes off to you sir.

@magoo65 Marty Brodeur you make me proud to be a #NJDevils fan! Shutout record baby!!!!

@colinwoodsshow Congrats goes out to Marty Brodeur. Officially the best goalie to ever put on the pads.

@MrVirly Marty Brodeur is a beast. Don't know much about hockey, but I know that.

@HABarazzi Congrats to Martin Brodeur for surpassing the NHL shutout record vs. the Penguins!104 and counting... what an accomplishment!

@JMPoston No one's gonna touch Brodeur's numbers for decades.

@abrigo90 there was a time whn Martin Brodeur and Patrick Roy were in comp 4 best goalie of all time. No longer. Brodeur got shutout 104 tonight.

@mrbananacheeks Wow, Congrats to Martin Brodeur on getting the 104th Shut out of his career! The greatest Goaltender of all time. He's Canadian :)

@zeroethic Congrats Marty Brodeur on setting the record for most shut-outs!

@hosea24hours Congrats to Martin Brodeur on the all-time NHL shutouts record.

@rebecca_glass: Give Marty some love =D

@HackswithHaggs Congrats to Martin Brodeur for taking down another in a long line of HOF records.

@JimmyBurns Congratulations to my favorite hockey player, Martin Brodeur, on breaking the all-time NHL shutout record.

@hoyt_s Brodeur: you are incredible.

@momentumlost Congrats Martin Brodeur!

@albanyrobjonas One milestone we should all appreciate: Brodeur breaks Sawchuk's shutout record. Against the Pens, no less. Mighty fine, mighty fine.

@latoya12 Oh Brodeur, you're too good

@danpritikin no longer needs to argue that Brodeur is the best goalie of all time. The records can do all the the talking now.

@stllemieux Congratulations Martin Brodeur. But did you have to do it against the Penguins?

@richardhomer Congrats to Martin Brodeur on the shut out record.

@ho_chen congrats to NJ's Martin Brodeur. Breaking Sawchuk's record is no easy task. Very strong case for best goalie ever.

@gmag "I came, I Sawchuk, I conquered" - Marty Brodeur

@rxshane Congrats Martin Brodeur on another record-breaking performance & for a career of nothing but CLASS

@Meriwyn Congrats Martin Brodeur on 104 career shutouts! Highest in NHL history!

@AaronM28 Congrats to Martin Brodeur for breaking the record for most shutouts.

@justin_liew congrats, Marty Brodeur! I never thought I'd live to see Sawchuk's record broken.

@ForgottenMast24 Congrats Mr. Brodeur. Your hard work and dedication to the game hockey stands as a example to every goalie in the league. Many more SO's

@DevilJoe30  Thanks for breaking the record on my B-Day - made my night.

@snikt49 make some room Gretzky, hockey has 2 'Great Ones' tonight

@devilishhusky Congrats Marty on making history again, you ARE the best!!!

@njdevilsgirl30 Martin Brodeur is the greatest goaltender of all time

@thesnowman7 marty you have been my idol since i was 4 and thats the reason i bear the number 30 in net. you are the epitome of a pro

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