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Cool content for a hot summer day

Tuesday, 07.28.2009 / 9:27 AM / Columns

By Paul Kukla - Correspondent

Let's go to the movies, where it's cool inside and a great time killer during these slow summer months.
* Ladies near Anaheim, get ready for Power Players auditions.
* Let's head to Joe Louis Arena and take a look back at the 1980 All-Star Game introductions.  The last name introduced is very special!
* Moving on to Edmonton to see what goes into a pay per view game.
* Now in St. Louis, watching some highlight goals from the past season. I am sure many more of these types of goals will be seen in the upcoming season.
* In Los Angeles, we open the vault to look at the Triple Crown Line. Those boys could play!
* Heading east, we land in Carolina to check out the highlights of the Canes Summer Fest. I can't believe they had snow slides in the middle of July.
* It is not all fun and games during the summer. Now we are in Boston, where we get our shoulders in shape. No kidding.
* The training is not over. Let's join Nashville’s Ryan Suter and his Total Hockey program.
* Join in on a road trip, from New Jersey to Carolina to catch a hockey game.
* We will end this little tour on a high note, with Brian Campbell of the Chicago Blackhawks singing a Tragically Hip song at the Blackhawks' convention. I may take back the high-note talk, but Brian did hit some notes.
I hope this little trip made you aware of some of the team Web sites, where numerous videos and stories are available for your summertime viewing and reading. It certainly is a lazy time when it comes to hockey talk, but soon it will cool again, on and off the ice.
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Quote of the Day

It's a big milestone for me and I'm happy to help my team with lots of good teammates. It's fun.

— Detroit's Pavel Datsyuk, who on Wednesday became the ninth Russian-born player, and ninth Red Wings player, to score 300 NHL goals
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