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Thorsten Kaye - Wings bound to turn it around

Wednesday, 05.06.2009 / 4:55 PM / NHL Celeb Blogs

By Thorsten Kaye - Special to

Blog 4 - Wednesday, May 6

Regardless of what happens in this series I think that whoever comes out of the Detroit-Anaheim series is going to win the Stanley Cup this season. I thought Boston would give either of these teams a run for their money, but I watched them the other night and Carolina beat them pretty badly.

The Ducks like to play on the edge and Pronger is a physical player and likes to play on the edge. James Wisniewski bruised his lung and people were saying that Holmstrom gave him a cheap shot, but I don't think it was because that's not the type of game that the Red Wings play.

I think if the Wings start with how they play in the third period and work their way backwards, then they will win these games because they are outplaying the Ducks in the second half of every game in the series. It's tough because Detroit is getting off to a tough start in games in this series. We outshot these guys 18-3 in the third period and that just goes to show how much better the Wings were than the Ducks in Game 3. There were a lot of shots that were taken from far out, which isn't like the Wings at all.

I am very confident about Thursday because Detroit has been dominating these games. I think they are going to come out strong Thursday and Babcock will be able to get these guys to play with a lot of intensity.

This series does scare me because I was there in 2003 when the Red Wings were swept by the Ducks and Jean-Sebastien Giguere played great and Jonas Hiller is reminding me of that. I think that the Wings have to bump Hiller a little bit and if they take a penalty, so be it just to get into his head.

While the Ducks are a physical team, so are the Wings and I think we are outhitting them this series. I love watching Ericsson play because he is a good up and coming defenseman. I also love watching Chelios, even though people give him a hard time about being too slow and he isn't the player that he used to be.

I think all of this is going to come together and the Wings are going to pick it up where they left off in the third period.

Selanne is still a great player and he made a great move on Osgood to score that breakaway goal and Chelios would have caught him if he was younger. Selanne had so much time there and you couldn't blame Osgood on that one.

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Author: Thorsten Kaye | Special to

Quote of the Day

Well, for me this one's concerning, the way we performed. Because three games in, playing a desperate team on the road, I was expecting something else than this. Right now, I'm just disappointed. The other games, I thought we did some things that you can build off your game. There wasn't a lot accomplished in tonight's game.

— Blue Jackets coach Todd Richards after a 4-2 loss to the Sabres on Monday dropped Columbus to 0-3-0
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