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Monday, 05.04.2009 / 1:20 PM / NHL Celeb Blogs

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Blog 7 - Monday, May 4

Triple overtime. WOW. What a game. There really is nothing like Playoff hockey. Both teams played fantastically. Again, I have to give it up for Jonas Hiller.  He was just amazing. There were times when I thought, "There’s no way he saved that"...and he did! His reflexes are out of this world right now and it seemed the longer he played, the better he got.

Congrats to Todd Marchant on the winning goal. Nice shout out to the kids in the post-game interview, too. What a nice dad!

Detroit played as hard as the Ducks did. But toward the end of the second over time, Detroit started playing more defense and less offense. This continued into the third overtime and inevitably cost them the game.

We are tied in the series right now and heading back to the Honda Center for two home games. It's a good position to be in and I'm really excited to see what the outcome is.

Detroit is a tough team but the Ducks are definitely keeping up. After two games, how is everyone feeling? I'm more anxious than nervous now. I know we have the ability to win this series. Both teams want it bad which I feel was the difference with the Sharks/Ducks series. I think because everyone expected the Sharks to sweep the Ducks, the team had even more of a reason to win, play hard and prove themselves. But in this series, both teams are equally enthusiastic about winning and neither is underestimating the other.

Alright, Game 3 is coming up and I cannot wait! Although, after this last game, I need a nap! I feel exhausted just from watching! Let's GO DUCKS!

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He stuck his neck out there for us. I don't know what's wrong with him, but you see he was in pain. But he went back in there. He's a tough guy. You've got to give him credit for helping the boys out.

— Panthers forward Brandon Pirri on goalie Roberto Luongo, who returned to game on Tuesday against Maple Leafs after leaving earlier in the contest with an injury