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Colin Ferguson - Farewell Centennial

Friday, 04.24.2009 / 11:38 AM / NHL Celeb Blogs

By Colin Ferguson - Special to NHL.com

Blog 4 - Friday, April 24

Well, you can't claim to know exactly why one team loses, any more than why one wins. I know I can't. I can talk forever but I'm never really sure.

I'm too close to this one so I swirl around with largely speculative finger-pointing. Bad goaltending or bad defense? An unsolvable goalie problem or poor offense? Past-prime players or premature

In this case, Boston was simply a better team.

I wish the 100th anniversary ended a bit differently than complete disintegration. Less out of some sense of right and wrong but I'm a sucker for a good story, and I like something that feels fated.

I wish there was some big music-swell type ending for us instead of a low point - swept by Boston in the 100th year. I wish there was some sort of destiny at play. But this year, Boston gets that story. They "Reversed the Curse" on our centennial and plow ahead well-rested and strong.

The strange thing is that not much thought has to go into why we lost because we're not getting the same team back. We'll be looking at a very different organization come fall.

Lemaire will probably be yelling about his left wing lock at the Bell Centre and a lot of the old faces will be gone.

Now I'll sit back and listen to the deals that are being struck and the deals that aren't. That'll take months.

And I think I'm getting the flu. Coincidence? I think not.

Boston played a near perfect series. I wish them well.

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Author: Colin Ferguson | Special to NHL.com

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