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Blog 2 - Thursday, April 23

First things first, let’s not count any chickens before they hatch. But taking two in the "shark tank" has got me feeling mighty fine! And despite the home loss Tuesday night in a game that could have easily gone the Ducks’ way, I saw something that night sitting just three rows behind Anaheim’s bench. Something that has me believing these Ducks just might be able to surprise us much more than we thought.

THE DUCKS PLAY WITH HEART! You can see it in every lightning fast move Teemu Selanne makes, in the go-for-broke style of Bobby Ryan, in the knowledge and experience that defines Rob Niedermayer, in the power of Chris Pronger and in the speed and vision of a Swiss Mountain with pads named Jonas Hiller.  If you’re still not sure what I’m talking about, go throw an elbow at George Parros and tell me how that works out. THE DUCKS PLAY WITH HEART!

Yes, they’ve been out-shot every game, but when it comes to real opportunities it sure doesn’t seem that way, does it? I know that Sharks fans are saying that we haven’t seen the best of San Jose. My only response is you haven’t seen the best of us either.

You know, growing up in a climate with only two seasons - winter and the fourth of July - it still seems so strange driving to an NHL playoff hockey game with the air conditioning on and the mountains blazing with sunshine. When you walk through those doors at the Honda Center and get your first glimpse of the ice through a tunnel and the cool breeze coming through, anything seems possible!

I’m still thinking, why not?!

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Quote of the Day

For six months, it's a really good accomplishment. But as soon as April [11, the end of the regular season] comes around, no one thinks about the regular season anymore. For six months, it's a real battle to get into the playoffs in the NHL these days. There are a lot of good teams, and it takes consistency over a long time.

— Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau on clinching a playoff berth after a win against the Islanders on Saturday
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