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Jessica Rose - Ducks 'ON FIRE!' Keep it up boys

Monday, 04.20.2009 / 3:08 AM / NHL Celeb Blogs

By Jessica Rose - Special to

Blog 4 - Monday, April 20


I couldn't be happier. Well that's not entirely true, I could be happier. If for instance I had gotten to watch the whole game or if they just won the Cup...but I think you catch my drift - I'm happy.

The team is playing great right now, Jonas Hiller is ON FIRE! Seriously, he's awesome.  Congrats to Ebbett, Miller and Ryan for scoring the 3 goals tonight.

My experience watching the game started about 45 minutes late. Tried listening to it on the radio but that really isn't the same so I packed up at the end of the 2nd period and watched the 3rd period alone on a massive screen at a sports bar. Unfortunately I was surrounded by Sharks fans...but I had the last laugh tonight.

Now they are in a good position, but I worry that they might get too comfortable, I feel like the team plays its best when they are under pressure. Let's hope they keep the same modesty and determination they have going for them right now. I have to much as I really wanted and hoped we'd win these first two games, I really didn't expect us to actually do it! I'm not going to lie. I should have had a little more faith, aye? But can you blame me? We are playing against the top team in the League 'statistically speaking.'
I underestimated my Ducks.  Shame on me.

They are playing great right now and the boys should go home proud of themselves tonight. Tuesday's game is definitely going to be a good one. Any thoughts or predictions??

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