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2014 NHL Draft

Chillin' with ... Brooks Laich

Friday, 01.09.2009 / 5:00 PM / Chillin'

By Dan Rosen - NHL.com Senior Writer

What's on your iPod now? "On my iPod I try to have everything possible. Whether it's from 1960, or whether it's a boy band or whatever I try to have it on there. I try to cover all genres."

What are your favorite websites? "TSN.ca is probably the one I go on the most."

Who would play you in a movie about your life? "Oh, who would play me in a movie? I have no idea, really. I won't go with Brad Pitt. Not Adam Sandler either. I really don't have anybody. (Capitals teammate) Matt Bradley, maybe."

Do you cook, order in or go out? "I barbecue all the time. We eat out so much when we're on the road that when we get home I just want to barbecue and steam some veggies."

Favorite TV show? "Entourage, The Office and one that a lot of American people might not know, but I think is unbelievable, Trailer Park Boys. I have all the seasons of Trailer Park Boys. It's a Canadian TV show. It's about these guys that live in a trailer and they are just hillbillies who drink and smoke. It's got a lot of swearing. It's pretty funny."

Favorite movie? "Anchorman, Saving Silverman, Rounders and I also like Man on Fire."

What Hollywood starlette would you go out with? "Wow. Hmmm. Jessica Biel would be very enticing. Scarlett Johansson would be up there, but I'm not up on my People Magazine stuff."

Favorite sports team of all time (excluding your team)? "The Saskatchewan Roughriders, the CFL team."

Favorite sports figure of all time (excluding yourself)? "For hockey, I liked Mario (Lemieux). But as far as pure greatness I would have to say Michael Jordan."

Your hometown of Wawota, Sask. has a population of about 600 people. What is the best thing to do there? "Go down to the Community Forum and watch the Flyers play. That's the senior team. It costs you about $5 to watch a game, but it's well worth it in entertainment value. It's pretty comical. And, then you head down to Thirsty's Bar and Grill for a beer afterward."

Quote of the Day

They said, 'You're going to love the city. It's smaller than Philadelphia, but you're going to love it. You're going to love the fans. Just watching the playoffs last year, the fans seemed louder there than they did anywhere. I'm really excited about that.

— Forward Scott Hartnell on his upcoming season with the Columbus Blue Jackets