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Wondering out loud

Tuesday, 12.09.2008 / 11:00 AM / Columns

By Paul Kukla - Correspondent

* Are we seeing more crowded net goals this season? You know what I am talking about -- jam here, poke it there, where is the puck, then the TV play-by-play guy tells us the puck is in the net.  My first reaction is to find the ref. Is he waving the goal off or pointing to the puck in the net? 

* Pretty soon a 4-3 final score will be considered a low-scoring game. I remember when 2-1 was considered low, but with the rules slanted to help the offensive side of the game, those scores are rare, but in my opinion, still very enjoyable to watch.

* If I attend the Winter Classic at Wrigley Field, I plan to walk the outfield walls and look for lost pucks tangled within the ivy.

* My goal for the next two weeks is to watch many of the San Jose Sharks games. Reason -- trying to find their weakness and pass the information on to Wings coach Mike Babcock. The trouble is, do the Sharks have a weakness?

* Will we see a substantial trade made before the holiday trade freeze? My heart says yes, we could use something to talk about, but my hockey mind says no.

* Take it to the bank, the Dallas Stars will make the playoffs!

* A challenge to any national anthem singer in the States. When the Montreal Canadiens visit your rink, please sing part of the Canadian National Anthem in French.  A definite YouTube post!

* The Hot Stove segment during the Hockey Night in Canada Saturday night broadcast could work as a weekly, half hour show.  I would tune in every time.

* One of the best sounds of the game -- the ping sound when a puck hits either the goal post or crossbar. Even better, that quick ping, followed by the puck going into the net.

* If Jaromir Jagr was still playing in the NHL, would he be in the top 10 of the scoring leaderboard?

* I have witnessed more three-on-one plays botched this year than ever before with most not even resulting on a shot on goal.

* I don't know how I survived before the NHL Network. I catch my morning local news on the TV for about 15 minutes, then switch over the NHL Net for all the highlights from the previous night.

* Are you like me, waiting for a Brian Burke blockbuster trade?

* After about 47 years of watching hockey on the tube, I have noticed I no longer scream at the TV when a play goes bad. Now I am wondering if that is the reason the Wings are giving up so many goals this season?

* Sorry Colin Campbell, but please give me one more donnybrook on the ice. Sticks, gloves, elbow pads all over the ice.  Ah yes!

* Enjoy your hockey week, and remember, no team is out of the race for the playoffs.

Quote of the Day

After being through it and seeing the other [outdoor] games on TV, just the atmosphere is spectacular. To stand here -- and we are essentially almost on the blue line -- and look up [into the stands] and knowing it is going to be packed and playing our biggest rival in this setting is going to be pretty special.

— Bruins president Cam Neely on the 2016 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic between Boston and Montreal at Gillette Stadium on
Jan. 1, 2016