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Friday, 01.18.2008 / 12:00 PM / Ice Age

By Phil Coffey - Sr. Editorial Director

Islanders' GM Garth Snow feels today's goaltenders are better able to handle playing every night.
From the All-Star Game, to the role of goalies, to Teemu Selanne’s status, this week’s edition of Quoteworthy has got it all.


“Maybe 10 years ago, that may have been a problem, but goaltenders are some of the best-conditioned athletes on the team. Athletes, in general, are taking care of themselves 12 months a year, and the old way of thinking was, a fat goalie is a happy goalie.”

-- Islanders GM Garth Snow, a former masked man himself, commenting on how today’s goalies are able to absorb a much larger workload than those in the past.


“I always wanted to play on a team, be with an organization where hockey matters. When you go out there and see the crowd, it’s always something that gets you going for sure. It’s a special feeling, when you get a chance to play in front of that many.”

-- Wild forward Mikko Koivu. Minnesota played to its 300th consecutive sellout Wednesday night.


“We’re trying to light some fires under some guys. We don’t have any room for error. If you played well, you’re going to continue to play. If you don’t play well, you’ll be out of the lineup and you’re going to have to work to get back in.”

-- Predators coach Barry Trotz

"We haven't had one comeback all year and we weren't able to muster one tonight. I believe that this group has mental toughness and good perseverance and should be able to come back. I know we're very good when we have the lead, but mental toughness is being able to ... make a push in the third. I think we have that (ability), but we haven't shown it this year. Not once. And I have no reason why."

-- Canucks coach Alain Vigneault was frustrated by his team’s 3-2 loss to the Blue Jackets on Tuesday night.


“It’s very easy to play with someone like Crosby. He’s the best player in the world, and he was making such great passes, so I just have to get myself open and he will get me the puck.”

-- Evgeni Malkin has developed a simple formula for success on Sidney Crosby’s wing.


“To tell you the truth, the way we’ve played, we were fortunate to be in first this long. We’ve got to start playing better and winning games. Obviously we haven’t been playing great.”

-- Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Mike Commodore after the ‘Canes were caught in the Southeast standings by Atlanta.


“The only change that needs to happen is that we need to play better hockey with this group and start winning games. That solves everything. All problems get fixed with winning. All problems are created by losing. We’ve done a lot of that lately.”

-- Maple Leafs coach Paul Maurice


Well Said

"A coach having fun … That is a hoot."

-- Columbus coach Ken Hitchcock

“It all starts with confidence and not worrying about that stuff. Now when I shoot the puck I’m praying it’s going to go in. I think I have to go back to shooting to score and not shooting hoping to score.”

-- Blackhawks rookie Patrick Kane


“It’s a great division. It’s a division where certain teams have had success against other teams within the division. We still control our destiny here. We’ve worked very hard to put ourselves where we are today, considering where we were after the first 10 games.”

-- New Jersey Devils coach Brent Sutter


"I'm not going to throw my teammates under the bus. I've got to do a better job myself and try to make an extra save in the game and maybe we make it to overtime. I just have to work through it in practice and make sure I get back to what I was doing in December."

-- Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo


“There are tons of nice restaurants around. It’s like you can hit a new restaurant every night of the week. Philadelphia is a great city for that.”

-- Flyers forward Scott Hartnell


“I talked to Burkie before Christmas, and said I would start skating after New Year’s and just go from there. I want to make the decision this month. This is the last process in my thinking. I want to start pushing myself and make sure how I feel. I feel great (physically). I think it’s more mental — if I’m ready to push myself enough at that level again.”

-- Teemu Selanne’s thoughts on coming back this season.

Well Said II

"When he’s really on his game, it’s sick how good he can be. Most of us, when we have a good game, we don’t dominate like that, but when he has a good game, he dominates. He stands out over everybody else."

-- Ducks goalie J.S. Giguere on teammate Scott Niedermayer


“We think in order to win at the right time we have to be more physical than we have been. We feel we have the capability to do that. We have to do that.”

-- Red Wings coach Mike Babcock


“I’m hitting the phones here trying to do something. Our young guys possibly need a veteran guy to take some minutes away from some of the kids. I’m always looking to find someone who can help and can fit into our big picture too.”

-- Blackhawks GM Dale Tallon on making a trade.


“I go back to Claude (Julien) helping me and really putting that in my mind to be a good two-way player. Obviously, you think the stats aren’t as good as they were last year right now, but with being a more complete player, it’s good that people took notice. And it’s the whole team that got us in this position we’re in, so I thank all those guys for giving me this chance for playing in the All-Star Game.”

-- Bruins forward Marc Savard on being named to the All-Star Game.


”Right now, it’s just the way it works very well. We both play great; the team is winning, so I take it the way it is. I don’t argue with it because I know Ozzie is playing great and he is winning his games. I liked it when I played like 70 percent of the games last year, I felt even better and more in the action, which I like, but at this point, there is no reason to change anything.”

-- Dominik Hasek on his partnership with Chris Osgood this season.


“It’s been a lot of hard work, getting sent down to San Antonio and not sulking, and then getting called back up to the NHL and getting picked up by the Islanders. I was here but not playing, which is tough. Now I have a big role, but I can’t change the way I’ve been playing. I’m going to show up and work hard and have some poise on the back end and make smart plays.”

-- Islanders defenseman Freddie Meyer on his turbulent season.

Well Said III

"The guy essentially came out of nowhere last year. Nobody knew he was going to hit the ground running from the first rookie camp. Then the veterans come in at the main camp, and you wonder how he's going to respond in the exhibition games. He just kept going."

-- Kings GM Dean Lombardi on Anze Kopitar


“Playing in the actual game was never a goal of mine. I think the goal was to become a first-line center in this League. I remember starting out as a fourth-line winger and I’ve had to work hard to be a first-line center. But I’m going to enjoy it, I’m going to go and have a good time. I have a lot of family coming, my wife and my kids are going to be there, so I’m really looking forward to the weekend.”

-- The Oilers’ Shawn Horcoff on going to the All-Star Game.


“It’s not that it’s tough. We’ve had good lineups on the ice every day, and we’re expected to win hockey games. I think the one thing that keeps you moving is not only can it change from day to day, but within the day. Someone might show up in the morning and might not be able to go in the evening.”

-- Hurricanes coach Peter Laviolette on trying to combat a virulent flu bug that has wrecked havoc on his team.


“Do you think that’s my responsibility? The chain of command is very simple. If I was the GM, I wouldn’t want one of my employees going behind my back to (the owner). That would be very disrespectful.”

-- Maple Leafs captain Mats Sundin


“I don’t look at it like Vyborny and Modin will give us secondary scoring. Not directly, anyway. What they give us are two experienced, competitive players, and that’s critical. Secondary scoring takes care of itself if you have more competitive players than the other team.”

-- Blue Jackets head coach Ken Hitchcock on getting David Vyborny and Freddie Modin back in the lineup.


“I felt great there; I have to be happy. I think this was my best game in the NHL. I’m certainly happy that it came in this kind of situation against the best team in the league. The guys were right there when I gave rebounds, battling. It was great fun.”

Well Said IV

"If I look at the potential he has, and where he’s playing right now, he’s probably 80 percent. So you can imagine what he would do if he would get that other 20? … We ask 100 percent, so we can get 90."

-- Wild coach Jacques Lemaire on coaxing more out of his players, in this case, Marian Gaborik.

-- Thrashers goalie Kari Lehtonen after a 5-1 win against the Red Wings.


“There’s lots of things to consider between now and the end of the season. Where he is, where the team is, the trade deadline. You look at all of those and not close off any options. I don’t have any preconceived notions here. I think that first and foremost we’d like to have him signed. But on the other side of it, you’ve got to look at all of the circumstances involved.”

-- Sabres GM Darcy Regier on re-signing defenseman Brian Campbell.


“For where we’re at, pretty much the top of our division, to have that many new guys step in, that’s a good thing. You wouldn’t think that we were that deep in our farm team four or five years ago, but there has been good progression down there, and now they’re helping out our team.”

-- Dallas Stars captain Brenden Morrow loves the organization’s depth.


“You always dream about it, but I didn’t think I was going to play that much. At the same time, I knew the better I played, the more games I would get. That was my approach coming in.”

-- Oilers goalie Mathieu Garon


“If you think of it, it’s probably the 40 best players in the world for that game. To be one of them, it’s really an honor.”

-- Los Angeles Kings All-Star Anze Kopitar


“I think what we have to really look at is the consistency of certain players. We have some good players that play really good at times and not so good at other times. For us to be successful, we can’t have that. Maybe teams like Ottawa and Detroit can do it, but we can’t. That’s what we really have to look at now: Who really wants to be here. And everybody is not going to play their best every night, but we need it on a more consistent basis with real good work ethic.”

Well Said V

"You’ve done it long enough that you know they’re not going to be nice dreams every night, there will be the occasional nightmare thrown in. Every once in a while, that will be between 7:30 and 10."

-- Leafs coach Paul Maurice on the nightmares a losing streak produces

-- Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford


“I don’t get as upset as (former Oilers coach) Glen Sather. I tell guys I’m a saint compared to Glen. I was the king of the ‘yeah, buts’ when I was young. I’ve heard every line, at least I thought I had, until one of the kids said earlier this year; ‘I beg to differ.’ He got me on that one.”

-- Coyotes coach Wayne Gretzky


“At this point of the season, we have to be aware of how easily things can turn around either way. Good things are going for us now, but we have to forget this game. We can’t let this effort continue for the next couple of games. We have to get back on the winning track right away on Tuesday.”

-- Canadiens captain Saku Koivu after a loss to the Rangers Saturday that was followed with a win over the Islanders on Tuesday.


“Shootouts are what they are. Shootouts are a one-on-one skills competition. When you win them, they are great. When you lose them, they are not so great. We have to find ways to win some of those. We talk about it and on a daily basis we work on shootouts. We just are not executing. Radulov is 0-for-6 in shootouts. With his hands and his ability to score, he has to be better than 0-for-6. Bonk is 2-for-2. We are just going to have to rattle the deck up a little bit.”

-- Predators coach Barry Trotz was not a big shootout fan after a loss to the Blackhawks on Sunday.


“I was fortunate in the last two years to play all the games. Eventually there’s going to be a setback. It happens. It’s frustrating, but it’s hockey.”,

-- Ottawa’s Dany Heatley, whose consecutive games streak was stopped at 207 by a shoulder injury that will sideline him for up to six weeks.


“Ronnie made a decision and I’m fine with that. We kind of knew that sooner or later this would happen. But physically I’m feeling fine.”

-- Sharks goalie Evgeni Nabokov on not starting his first game of the season Sunday.


“So what am I fighting now? I’m fighting my age. First I was too small, and now I’m too old, right? It’s always going to be something. So for me, it’s just preparing myself and trying to stay on top of my game as long as I can.”

-- Tampa Bay’s Martin St. Louis

“You’ve just got to realize who it is you’re playing with. (Jeff) Cowan’s a good forechecker, so you try to dump the puck in for him. Nazzy’s a skill guy, so you try to give him the puck a little more. We’ve got a lot of good players on this team. It shouldn’t matter who you play with; we’ve got a good system and everyone knows how to play it.”

-- Vancouver’s Daniel Sedin on not being on the same line as twin brother Henrik.

Material from personal interviews, wire services, newspaper, and league and team sources was used in this report.



Quote of the Day

It's obviously not fun to not know, but on the other hand, I'm not in a rush. I'm going to be back to 100 percent before I start playing. I'm not going to play on 90 percent.

— Capitals center Nicklas Backstrom in an interview with Washington Post about whether he will be able to play in 2015-16 opener