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Masks a window into goalies' souls

Monday, 12.24.2007 / 12:00 PM / NHL Insider

By Compiled By - NHL.com Staff

No other sport not only allows, but encourages its players to incorporate a sliver of their own personality onto their equipment.

That's why goalie masks in the NHL are as unique as the sport itself.

They provide an extraordinary look inside the personality of the man behind the mask, each telling a separate story. The artistry sometimes is as intricate and detailed as anything you could find in a museum, be it the Louvre in Paris or the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Each mask is distinctive because goalies work directly with artists to cater the mask's design to match their soul. While some goalies say they really don't care what they're wearing, most enjoy the idea of expressing themselves through their mask.

Tattoos can't show through a hockey uniform. Masks do the trick.

Today, NHL.com offers its fans and readers a display as unique as anything you'll find in professional sports: A look at many of the masks around the League and the stories behind them, directly from the goalies themselves.

Goalies are known to be a rare breed, and you'll find out why right here.

I was in there icing my face as she was trying to push a baby out.

— Anaheim Ducks forward Ryan Getzlaf on going to the hospital with a facial laceration while his wife was in labor following Game 1 on Wednesday