Hurricanes all-star Faulk shooting for success

Tuesday, 01.26.2016 / 3:00 AM
Shawn Roarke  - Director, Editorial

The 2016 Honda NHL All-Star Game in Nashville on Jan. 31 is less than a week away. In the lead-up to All-Star Weekend at Bridgestone Arena, sat down with a host of this season's participants to talk about playing in the game. In this edition, defenseman Justin Faulk discusses representing the Carolina Hurricanes in the All-Star Game.

1. What does being an All-Star mean to you?

It's a great honor to be included in the group of players going to the game. It's nice. Obviously I couldn't really be doing this without the help from all my teammates. Like I said, it's just an honor to be among the group that is going to be there. It's going to be a fun event.

2. What is your favorite memory from previous All-Star Games?

I just think the whole weekend. There is not really one thing that sticks out more than the others. I've been lucky enough to have some friends and family hook up with me and enjoy the experience as well. Overall, it has just been a real good experience.

3. If you could invite any celebrity to the All-Star Game as your guest, who would it be and why?

Celebrity? I don't know. [New England Patriots tight end] Rob Gronkowski; he seems like a good time. I'd let him dress for me in the game. He'd probably play better. Nobody would want to go near him.

4. Who from your divisional All-Star team would you put on your trio if you were the coach of the team?

Probably [Alex] Ovechkin and [Nicklas] Backstrom maybe. They seem to do alright together. If you are on the ice with them, something's going to go right probably.

5. In a perfect world you get to pick what song you skate out to for player introductions at the All-Star Game. What song would you choose?

Ooh, that's a tough one. That would probably take me a long time. I don't have one off the top of my head. I'd have to go through my whole playlist. But maybe that new Adele song, "Hello." I don't know. That's what's in my head right now.

6. If you could have dinner with three other players from this year's All-Star Game, who would you pick?

I know a few of the guys that are there now. I'd probably just pick three of my buddies that like the same things I do and we'd go out.

7. Cowboy boots or cowboy hat as a fashion accessory?

Probably the boots; you can cover them up. Not as flashy.

8. Alex Ovechkin passed 500 goals this season. Do you think he can get to 800 before he retires?

Yeah, I mean, how old is he? Thirty? I don't see why not unless he starts slowing down. He's already got 30 goals this year. Thirty for 10 more years and he's going to get more than 30 some of those years. I think it is possible. A couple of 50-goal seasons will make it go by even faster.

9. How do you explain the turnaround the Hurricanes have had in the past 20 games or so?

We're just working hard. We are a team that needs to work and bring that work ethic every night; make hard plays, make the simple plays and we have been able to do that as a group. I'd say the best teams are the ones that can do that consistently for 60 minutes every night. We are a young group, and we started figuring out that we need to bring it every night and bring it all night every night. It's just better for us that way and hopefully it keeps going along.

10. For you, what is the secret to the success you have had personally on the power play?

Just shooting. When I was going, there was traffic in front and that makes it pretty hard for the goalie. I think I have done a pretty good job of getting through when we have traffic and stuff. It's tough to beat goalies straight from the blue line, so I need help and I have gotten help from the guys doing their job and standing in front of the net and screening the goalie.

11. What was the biggest lesson you took away from the 2014 Sochi Olympic experience that you can apply as you start to think about playing for the United States in the World Cup of Hockey in September?

I mean, just enjoy it. I didn't really have a big role last time; I didn't play much and when I did, I didn't play much [laughs]. It's just a fun experience. You got to be ready to go there and compete and do whatever is asked of you. I was perfectly fine with that and didn't mind it all. So, I guess, the experience from that is enjoy the experience and be prepared to go when you get the chance.

12. Who was your first sporting hero?

Probably the whole Mighty Ducks [the movie] team. Charlie Conway probably.

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