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1 Roman Hamrlik TBL D
2 Alexei Yashin OTT C
3 Mike Rathje SJS D
4 Todd Warriner QUE L
5 Darius Kasparaitis NYI D
6 Cory Stillman CGY L
7 Ryan Sittler PHI L
8 Brandon Convery TOR C
9 Robert Petrovicky HFD C
10 Andrei Nazarov SJS L
11 David Cooper BUF D
12 Sergei Krivokrasov CHI R
13 Joe Hulbig EDM L
14 Sergei Gonchar WSH D
15 Jason Bowen PHI D
16 Dimitri Kvartalnov BOS L
17 Sergei Bautin WIN D
18 Jason Smith NJD D
19 Martin Straka PIT C
20 David Wilkie MTL D
21 Libor Polasek VAN C
22 Curtis Bowen DET L
23 Grant Marshall TOR R
24 Peter Ferraro NYR R