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1 Pierre Turgeon BUF C
2 Brendan Shanahan NJD R
3 Glen Wesley BOS D
4 Wayne McBean LAK D
5 Chris Joseph PIT D
6 Dave Archibald MNS C
7 Luke Richardson TOR D
8 Jimmy Waite CHI G
9 Bryan Fogarty QUE D
10 Jayson More NYR D
11 Yves Racine DET D
12 Keith Osborne STL R
13 Dean Chynoweth NYI D
14 Stephane Quintal BOS D
15 Joe Sakic QUE C
16 Bryan Marchment WIN D
17 Andrew Cassels MTL C
18 Jody Hull HFD R
19 Bryan Deasley CGY L
20 Darren Rumble PHI D
21 Peter Soberlak EDM L