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171 Kevin McCarthy PHI D
352 Thomas Gorence PHI R
533 David Hoyda PHI L
674 Yves Guillemette PHI G
714 Rene Hamelin PHI R
895 Dan Clark PHI D
1076 Alain Chaput PHI C
1237 Richard Dalpe PHI C
1358 Pete Peeters PHI G
1368 Clint Eccles PHI F
1398 Michael Greeder PHI D
1509 Tom Bauer PHI L
1519 Mike Bauman PHI L
1539 Bruce Crowder PHI R
15810 Rob Nicholson PHI D
15910 Dave Isherwood PHI F
16110 Steve Jones PHI G
16511 James Trainor PHI D
16611 Barry Duench PHI F
16811 Rodney McNair PHI D
17212 Mike Laycock PHI G