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262 Peter Flache CHI C
263 Thomas Ziegler TBL F
264 Dimitri Altaryov NYI F
265 Jean-Philippe Cote TOR D
266 Sean Kotary COL C
267 Tomi Pettinen NYI D
268 Pavel Kolarik BOS D
269 Martin Richter NYR D
270 Micki Dupont CGY D
271 Reto Von Arx CHI F
272 Tim Smith VAN C
273 Roman Simicek PIT C
274 Evgeny Muratov EDM L
275 Jonathan Gauthier MTL D
276 Troy Ferguson CAR F
277 Ryan Courtney BUF L
278 Martin Paroulek CBJ R
279 Andreas Lindstrom BOS L
280 Nick Boucher PIT G
281 Peter Fabus PHX F
282 Carl Grahn LAK G
283 James Demone OTT D
284 Martin Hohener NSH D
285 Blake Ward COL G
286 Andrej Nedorost CBJ C
287 Milan Kopecky PHI L
288 Mark McRae ATL D
289 Bjorn Nord WSH D
290 Simon Gamache ATL C
291 Arne Ramholt CHI D
292 Louis Mandeville CBJ D
293 Lauri Kinos STL D