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177 Corwin Saurdiff SJS G
178 Adam Bartell QUE D
179 Guy Lehoux TOR D
180 John Johnson NYI C
181 Sean Gauthier WIN G
182 James Bode PHI R
183 David Neilson VAN L
184 Derek Herlofsky MNS G
185 Chris Belanger HFD D
186 Jim Bermingham DET C
187 Daniel Reimann NJD D
188 Brent Brekke QUE D
189 Tony Iob BUF L
190 Trevor Duhaime WSH R
191 Vjateslav Uvayev NYR D
192 Jeff Lembke PIT G
193 Scott Fraser MTL R
194 Daniel Hodge BOS D
195 David Struch CGY C
196 Craig Brown LAK G
197 Jed Fiebelkorn STL R
198 Scott MacDonald CHI D