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169 Viacheslav Bykov QUE C
170 Matthew Robbins NYI C
171 Jeffrey St. Laurent TOR R
172 Stephane Gauvin WIN L
173 Andre Faust NJD C
174 Jason Greyerbiehl CHI L
175 Kenneth Blum MNS C
176 Sandy Moger VAN R
177 John Roderick STL D
178 Michel Picard HFD L
179 Bob Jones DET L
180 Glen Wisser PHI R
181 Mark Bavis NYR C
182 Jim Giacin LAK L
183 Donald Audette BUF R
184 Andrew Wolf PIT D
185 James Lavish BOS R
186 Martin Maskarinec LAK D
187 Victor Gervais WSH C
188 Roy Mitchell MTL D
189 Sergei Gomolyakov CGY C