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169 Grant Tkachuk BUF L
170 John Blessman NJD D
171 Craig Daly VAN D
172 Jarmo Myllys MNS G
173 Jack MacDougall PIT R
174 Jeff Gawlicki LAK L
175 Brian Blad TOR D
176 Lance Werness CHI R
177 Jaroslav Sevcik QUE L
178 Eric Burrill NYR R
179 Mikko Haapakoski DET D
180 Robert Dumas STL D
181 Shawn Howard NYI C
182 Paul Ohman BOS D
183 Ladislav Tresl QUE C
184 James Fernholz WIN R
185 Eric Tremblay MTL D
186 Joseph Day HFD L
187 Mark Osiecki CGY D
188 Bruce MacDonald PHI R
189 Gavin Armstrong EDM G