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169 Marc Potvin DET R
170 Trevor Pochipinski LAK D
171 Scott McCormack NJD D
172 Dave McLlwain PIT C
173 Shawn Whitham BUF D
174 Brian Bellefeuille TOR L
175 Matt Merton VAN G
176 Mark Green WIN L
177 Pat Scanlon NYR L
178 Martyn Ball STL L
179 Robert Glasgow HFD R
180 Lance Pitlick MNS D
181 Jeff Flaherty BOS R
182 Geoff Benic CHI L
183 Antonin Routa MTL D
184 Warren Sharples CGY G
185 Jeff Jablonski NYI L
186 Pierre Millier QUE D
187 Tero Toivola WSH R
188 Blaine Rude PHI R
189 Mike Greenlay EDM G