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169 Alan Hepple NJD D
170 Gary Cullen DET C
171 Miroslav Ihnacak TOR L
172 Kevin Skilliter HFD D
173 Jamie Reeve WSH G
174 David Chartier LAK D
175 Phil Patterson CHI R
176 Matthew Christensen STL C
177 Ted Pearson CGY L
178 Greg Gravel PIT C
179 Donald McLaren VAN R
180 Tom Ward WIN D
181 Michael Hough QUE L
182 Magnus Roupe PHI L
183 Kelly Miller NYR L
184 Rob Norman BUF R
185 Patrick Micheletti MNS C
186 Douglas Kostynski BOS C
187 Brian Williams MTL C
188 Ian Wood EDM G
189 Gordon Paddock NYI D