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183 Jason Disher OTT D
184 Todd Holt SJS R
185 Ryan Nauss TBL L
186 Tom Askey ANA G
187 Briane Thompson FLA D
188 Manny Legace HFD G
189 Martin Bakula EDM D
190 Eddy Campbell NYR D
191 Rob Lurtsema DAL L
192 Paul Healey PHI R
193 Eric Boguniecki STL C
194 Mike Barrie BUF C
195 Thomas Cullen NJD D
196 Rod Hinks NYI C
197 Adrian Murray WIN D
198 John-Travis Dillabough LAK C
199 Joel Poirier WSH L
200 Derek Sylvester CGY R
201 David Brumby TOR G
202 Sean Tallaire VAN R
203 Alan Letang MTL D
204 Viteslav Skuta DET D
205 Petr Franek QUE G
206 Sergei Petrov CHI L
207 Hal Gill BOS D
208 Larry McMorran PIT C