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148 Don Porter STL L
149 Vladimir Kames NJD C
150 Shannon Deegan LAK C
151 Derek Laxdal TOR R
152 Lars Karlsson DET L
153 Glenn Greenough CHI R
154 Urban Nordin DET C
155 Jim Vesey STL R
156 Bradley Jones WIN L
157 Jim Agnew VAN D
158 Brad McCaughey MTL R
159 Jiri Hrdina CGY C
160 Darin MacInnis MNS G
161 Brian Nelson NYR C
162 Jyrki Maki QUE D
163 Luke Vitale PHI C
164 Frank Joo WSH D
165 Orwar Stambert BUF D
166 Don Sweeney BOS D
167 Franco Desantis NYI D
168 Todd Ewen EDM R