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157 Benoit Larose LAK D
158 Andrew Taylor NYI L
159 Mike Laplante ANA D
160 Cory Murphy TBL D
161 Martin Cerven EDM C
162 Paul Traynor WIN D
163 Juha Vuorivirta LAK C
164 Stephane Robidas MTL D
165 Byron Ritchie HFD C
166 Peter Worrell FLA L
167 Brad Mehalko SJS R
168 Robert Jindrich SJS D
169 Jeff Heil NYR G
170 Stewart Bodtker VAN C
171 Marek Melenovsky TOR C
172 Brian Scott BUF L
173 Jeff Dewar DAL R
174 Richard Rochefort NJD C
175 Steve Tardif CHI C
176 Ryan Gillis CGY D
177 P.J. Axelsson BOS L
178 Martin Streit PHI R
179 Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre STL D
180 Derrick Pyke PIT R
181 Dan Smith COL D
182 Per Eklund DET L