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127 Per Djoos DET D
128 Sean Krakiwsky LAK R
129 Kevin Todd NJD C
130 Doug Hobson PIT D
131 Mike Hartman BUF L
132 Danny Hie TOR C
133 Jon Helgeson VAN L
134 Mark Vermette QUE R
135 Robb Graham NYR R
136 Andy May STL C
137 Steve Torrel HFD C
138 Will Andersen NYI D
139 Paul Beraldo BOS C
140 Mike Hudson CHI C
141 Lyle Odelein MTL D
142 Rick Lessard CGY D
143 Rich Pilon NYI D
144 Jean-Francois Nault QUE C
145 Peter Choma WSH R
146 Sami Wahlsten PHI L
147 Ivan Matulik EDM L