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152 Mark Barberio TBL D
153 Justin Azevedo LAK C
154 Christopher Carrozzi ATL G
155 Anthony Nigro STL C
156 Jared Spurgeon NYI D
157 Cam Atkinson CBJ R
158 Grant Rollheiser TOR G
159 Brett Hextall PHX C
160 Luke Witkowski TBL D
161 Mats Froshaug VAN C
162 Jonathan Carlsson CHI D
163 Teemu Hartikainen EDM C
164 Nick Crawford BUF D
165 Mike Murphy CAR G
166 Jeffrey Foss NSH D
167 Joel Chouinard COL D
168 Ryley Grantham CGY C
169 Ben Smith CHI R
170 Jonas Holos COL D
171 Mitch Gaulton NYR D
172 David Wohlberg NJD C
173 Nick Tremblay BOS C
174 Greg Burke WSH L
175 Justin DiBenedetto NYI C
176 Matt Tassone DAL C
177 Tommy Wingels SJS C
178 Zac Rinaldo PHI C
179 Braden Birch CHI D
180 Patrick Killeen PIT G
181 Stephen Johnston DET L