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132 Dusan Salficky NYI G
133 Jussi Markkanen EDM G
134 Kyle Wellwood TOR C
135 Colin Stuart ATL C
136 Billy Thompson FLA G
137 Joel Perrault ANA C
138 Paul Lynch TBL D
139 Shawn Collymore NYR R
140 Tomas Plihal SJS F
141 Cole Jarrett CBJ D
142 Tommi Jaminki CHI L
143 Frantisek Skladany COL L
144 Cody McCormick COL F
145 James Hakewill CGY D
146 Jussi Timonen PHI D
147 Jiri Jakes BOS R
148 David Klema PHX C
149 Mikko Viitanen COL D
150 Bernd Bruckler PHI G
151 Kevin Bieksa VAN D
152 Terry Denike LAK G
153 Tuukka Mantyla LAK D
154 Jake Brenk EDM C
155 Michal Vondrka BUF L
156 Andy Schneider PIT D
157 Andreas Jamtin DET R
158 Roman Malek PHI G
159 Dimitri Semin STL F
160 Artem Ternavsky WSH D
161 Mike Smith DAL G
162 Stefan Schauer OTT D
163 Andreas Salomonsson NJD C
164 Yuri Trubachev CGY C
165 Pierre-Luc Emond COL C