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85 Thomas Forslund CGY R
86 Leonard Esau TOR D
87 Stephane Venne QUE D
88 Greg Andrusak PIT D
89 Alexander Mogilny BUF R
90 Scott Matusovich CGY D
91 Jeff Robison LAK D
92 Joseph Cleary CHI D
93 Peter Popovic MTL D
94 Anthony Joseph WIN R
95 Scott Morrow HFD L
96 Christopher Nelson NJD D
97 Robert Ray BUF R
98 Edward O'Brien PHI L
99 Martin Bergeron NYR C
100 Paul Rutherford NYI C
101 Benoit Lebeau WIN L
102 Daniel Murphy BOS D
103 Donald Martin EDM L
104 Jean Claude Bergeron MTL G
105 David LaCouture STL R