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64 Michael Bodnarchuk NJD R
65 Darin Bader VAN L
66 Stewart Malgunas DET D
67 Joel Blain EDM L
68 Chris Tamer PIT D
69 Jeff Nielsen NYR R
70 Cal McGowan MNS C
71 Frank Kovacs MNS L
72 Randy Pearce WSH L
73 Darby Hendrickson TOR C
74 Roman Meluzin WIN R
75 Scott Levins WIN R
76 Rick Willis NYR L
77 Alexei Zhamnov WIN C
78 Chris Bright HFD C
79 Chris Tucker CHI C
80 Greg Walters TOR C
81 Gilbert Dionne MTL L
82 Brian McCarthy BUF C
83 Paul Kruse CGY L
84 Jerome Buckley BOS R