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64 Kirk McCaskill WIN C
65 David Michayluk PHI L
66 Gus Greco CLR L
67 Michael Hoffman HFD L
68 Tony Kellin WSH D
69 Terry Tait MNS L
70 Norm Schmidt PIT D
71 Paul Houck EDM R
72 John Vanbiesbrouck NYR G
73 Wendell Young VAN G
74 Clint Malarchuk QUE G
75 Perry Pelensky CHI R
76 James Malwitz MNS C
77 Daniel McLellan BOS R
78 Peter Madach CGY C
79 Kenneth Latta PHI R
80 Jeff Eatough BUF R
81 Marty Dallman LAK C
82 Kjell Dahlin MTL C
83 Anders Wikberg BUF L
84 Todd Lumbard NYI G