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64 Richard Laferriere CLR G
65 Guy Fournier WIN C
66 Jay Miller QUE L
67 Carey Wilson CHI C
68 Monty Trottier NYI C
69 Jari Kurri EDM C
70 Marc Crawford VAN L
71 Kevin McClelland HFD R
72 Tony Feltrin PIT D
73 Bernie Nicholls LAK C
74 Robert Gavin TOR R
75 Bob Brooke STL R
76 Marc Roy CGY R
77 Kurt Kleinendorst NYR C
78 Brian Shaw CHI R
79 Mark Huglen MNS D
80 Greg Gilbert NYI L
81 Stephen Kasper BOS C
82 Jeffrey Teal MTL C
83 Jim Wiemer BUF D
84 Taras Zytynsky PHI D