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43 Stephane Morin QUE C
44 Jason Zent NYI L
45 Rob Zamuner NYR L
46 Jason Cirone WIN C
47 Scott Pellerin NJD L
48 Robert Kellog CHI D
49 Louie Debrusk NYR L
50 Veli-Pekka Kautonen CGY D
51 Pierre Sevigny MTL L
52 Blair Atcheynum HFD R
53 Nicklas Lidstrom DET D
54 John Tanner QUE G
55 Denny Felsner STL L
56 John Thomas BUF R
57 Wes Walz BOS C
58 John Brill PIT R
59 Jim Mathieson WSH D
60 Murray Garbutt MNS L
61 Jason Woolley WSH D
62 Kris Draper WIN C
63 Corey Lyons CGY L