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28 Ramzi Abid COL L
29 Jonathan Cheechoo SJS R
30 Kyle Rossiter FLA D
31 Artem Chubarov VAN C
32 Stephen Peat ANA R
33 Blair Betts CGY C
34 Andrew Peters BUF L
35 Petr Svoboda TOR D
36 Chris Nielsen NYI R
37 Christian Berglund NJD L
38 Philippe Sauve COL G
39 John Erskine DAL D
40 Randy Copley NYR R
41 Maxim Linnik STL D
42 Jason Beckett PHI D
43 Ossi Vaananen PHX D
44 Mike Fisher OTT C
45 Mike Ribeiro MTL C
46 Justin Papineau LAK C
47 Norman Milley BUF R
48 Jonathan Girard BOS D
49 Jomar Cruz WSH G
50 Jaroslav Kristek BUF R
51 Ian Forbes PHI D
52 Bobby Allen BOS D
53 Steve Moore COL C
54 Alexander Zevakhin PIT R
55 Ryan Barnes DET L
56 Tomek Valtonen DET R
57 Tyler Bouck DAL L
58 Chris Bala OTT L