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22 Trevor Wesley PHI D
23 Michael Perovich AFM D
24 Errol Rausse WSH L
25 Tomas Jonsson NYI D
26 Brent Ashton VAN L
27 Gaston Gingras MTL D
28 Timothy Trimper CHI L
29 Dean Hopkins LAK R
30 Mark Hardy LAK D
31 Paul Marshall PIT L
32 Lindy Ruff BUF L
33 Patrick Riggin AFM G
34 Ed Hospodar NYR D
35 Pelle Lindbergh PHI G
36 Douglas Morrison BOS R
37 Mats Naslund MTL L
38 William Carroll NYI C
39 Stuart Smith HFD D
40 Dave Christian WIN R
41 Dale Hunter QUE C