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190 Bobby Reynolds TOR L
191 Steve Shaunessy PIT D
192 Terry Shold NJD L
193 Carl Valimont VAN D
194 Paul Tory HFD C
195 Gordon Ernst MNS C
196 Steve Nemeth NYR C
197 Erik Hamalainen DET D
198 Maurice Mansi MTL C
199 John Buda BOS R
200 Brad Hamilton CHI D
201 Vince Guidotti STL D
202 Real Arsenault NYI L
203 Boyd Sutton BUF C
204 Tom Sasso QUE C
205 Chad Arthur MTL L
206 Peter Romberg CGY D
207 Dave Quigley WIN G
208 Dallas Eakins WSH D
209 Mario Barbe EDM D
210 Bob Beers BOS D