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190 Vladimir Kadlec WIN D
191 Robert Nordmark DET D
192 John Johannson CLR C
193 Larry Power HFD C
194 Christopher Valentine WSH C
195 Marc Magnan TOR L
196 David Hannan PIT C
197 Gord Sherven EDM C
198 Mario Proulx NYR G
199 Rejean Vignola VAN C
200 Kari Takko QUE G
201 Sylvain Roy CHI D
202 Steven Kudebeh MNS G
203 Richard Bourque BOS L
204 Bruce Eakin CGY C
205 Steve Tsujiura PHI C
206 Warren Harper BUF L
207 Jeff Baikie LAK C
208 Dan Burrows MTL G
209 Richard Zemlak STL C
210 Dave Randerson NYI R